Join Hl7 India

Join Hl7 India


STEP: 1 – Know your rights

HL7 India is the accredited International Affiliate of Health Level Seven International (HL7 International) for India. All HL7 India members are expected to adhere to rules and obligations deemed to members of International affiliates of HL7 International To know more about your rights, responsibilities, duties and privileges as an HL7 India member, please refer to our Policy & Rule Manual, Code of Ethics and License Agreement from the kit below:

Membership Kit:

HL7 India Policy & Rule Manual
HL7 India License Agreement
HL7 India Code of Ethics

STEP: 2 – Membership forms

  • For new membership / renewals:

    First time applicants for individual/ organizational membership of HL7 India, and/or applicants who wish to renew their existing membership of HL7 India, need to fill up the respective forms given below:

Individual Membership Form (with a NEFT / DD of Rs 5,750 (Inclusive of Taxes) drawn in favor of “HL7 Healthcare Standard Institute” payable at Bangalore)

Organizational Membership Form with a NEFT / DD of Rs. 46,000 (Inclusive of Taxes)drawn in favor of “HL7 Healthcare Standard Institute”payable at Bangalore)



Membership fee has been revised effective 01 June 2016. The new prices for yearly subscription is as mentioned below :

  • New Memberships Fee : Rs. 40,000/= (Fourty Thousand Only) + 15.00 % Service Tax. The total amount Payable is “Rs. 46,000/= (Forty Six Thousand Only)”
  • Renewal Memberships Fee : Rs. 35,000/= (Thirty Five Thousand Only) + 15.00 % Service Tax. The total amount Payable is “Rs. 40,250/= (Forty Thousand Two Hundred and Fifty Only)”

NOTE : New prices will be applicable to all Organizations who have not renewed their membership in the past. Any renewal after discontinuation of continuous membership will be treated as new application.

Benefactor Membership  Please contact us at info@hl7india.org for payment & other details for this type of membership)

  • For upgrading membership category:

    Certain types of members can avail of special discounts to upgrade their membership category:

Organizational to Benefactor Membership
Organizational members of HL7 India can apply for Benefactor Membership for enhanced membership rights:
Benefactor Membership  Please contact us at memberships@hl7india.org for payment & other details for this type of membership.

  • For current members of HL7 International:

    All current individual/ organizational members of HL7 International are by default, eligible to apply for membership of HL7 India in the same membership category, at no extra costs. To apply for HL7 India membership, please refer fill up the respective membership forms below:

Individual Membership Form – AI (with proof of current HL7 International membership)

Organizational Membership Form – AO (with proof of current HL7 International membership)

STEP: 3 – Send the filled application form

Payment can also be made using NEFT or direct deposit to the following ICICI Account:
A/c Name: HL7 Healthcare Standard Institute
A/c No: 093805000930
IFSC Code: ICIC0000938
Address: ICICI Bank Limited, #483, Main Road, Rajarajeshwari Nagar (Next to IOCL Pump)

Please send the completed form along with payment details (if applicable) to:

For any queries or additional information, please write to us at memberships@hl7india.org