HL7 Fundamentals E-Learning course

Announcing 2016-April edition of HL7 Fundamentals E-Learning course for India and other Asian countries. The E-Learning course is a web-based workshop, a set of guided exercises that teaches by practice and example.At the end of the course, participants should:

  • Know how to confront a project involving interoperability among disjointed healthcare information systems.
  • Know how to read the most widely used HL7 standards.
  • Understand the need for controlled vocabularies, master files, and entity registries.
  • Read and Write V2.X messages.
  • Read and Write V3 messages.
  • Read and Write CDA® R2 documents.
  • Know FHIR specifications and resources
  • Know when to use each artifact (messages, documents).
Additional Course Information
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Key Attractions of the course

  • On successful completion of the course activities you would be awarded course completion certificate directly by HL7 International. For more info refer to brochure.
  • This course gives you opportunity to learn basics of FHIR standard. FHIR is the latest standard to emerge from HL7, and embodies many of the learnings from the previous versions – V2, V3 and CDA. In particular it is focused on making implementation as easy as possible, and utilizes many modern technologies (XML, JSON, REST services) to reduce the complexity for implementers and to support new requirements such as mobile and real-time connectivity.
  • One stop point to learn all standards: This course offers basic learning of all standards (V2, V3, CDA and FHIR) under one roof
  • Web-Based Training
    • Indian HL7 Certified Tutor helping you step-by-step
    • Reading material developed by our tutors.
    • Bibliographic material.
    • Discussion forums.
    • Integration activities stewarded by the teaching team.
    • Self-evaluation quizzes
    • Tutor evaluation for each module.

Important Dates

  • Last Date for Enrollment: 28th March 2016
  • Schedule Start Date: 11th April 2016


    • Module 1 – Introduction (Three weeks)
      • Unit 1.1 Introduction to Healthcare Interoperability
      • Unit 1.2 Introduction to vocabularies in Healthcare
      • Unit 1.3 Introduction to Unified Modeling Language (UML)
      • Unit 1.4 Introduction to extensible markup language (XML)
    • Module 2 – HL7 v2.x (Four weeks)
      • Unit 2.1 Introduction to HL7 version 2.x, data types, ack
      • Unit 2.2 HL7 v2.x Patient Administration, Orders and Results
      • Unit 2.3 HL7 v2.x Z-segments / Implementation / Profiles
      • Unit 2.4 HL7 v2.x XML implementation of v2.x Messaging
    • Module 3 – HL7 v3 (Four weeks)
      • Unit 3.1 Introduction to hl7 v3
      • Unit 3.2 Reference Information Model RIM / derived models
      • Unit 3.3 HL7 v3 Data types and their XML representation
      • Unit 3.4 HL7 v3: from the Model to the Message
    • Module 4 – HL7 CDA R2 (Three weeks)
      • Unit 4.1 Introduction to HL7 CDA R2
      • Unit 4.2 CDA R2 Architecture: header, body and entries
      • Unit 4.3 CDA R2 Implementation guides
      • Unit 4.4 CDA R2 Entries: clinical statement
  • Unit 5.1 Introduction to HL7 FHIR

Course Fees

Course Details

Course Fee (INR)
Non Members


FC: Full Course (5 modules)



P1: Only Intro, V3 and CDA



P2: Only Intro and HL7 V2.x



P3: Only Intro and HL7 V3



Terms and Conditions:

  • Course fee is inclusive of 14.5% service tax.
  • Prices are subjected to change without any prior notice due to change in Forex prices.
  • Only 100 seats are available. Enrollment is on first come first served basis.
  • Member prices only applicable if you become HL7 India member before enrolling for ELC course. Refer Memberships page for more information.

Steps to Enroll

  1. Download Brochure, FAQs and Application Form.
  2. Make payments through the mode of your choice. Refer to Payment Modes section for more information
  3. Send filled up application form along with payment/ payment details to elearning@hl7india.org
  4. Receive receipts and confirmation.
  5. Attend the course.

Payment Modes

Payments can be made through following channels:

Channel Notes
Banker’s Cheque/ Demand Draft Instrument should be made in favour of “HL7 Healthcare Standard Institute” payable at Bangalore.

Write Student Name, Contact Details, email-id and Course i.e. FC or P1 or P2 or P3 behind the instrument. Courier Banker’s Cheque/ DD along with application to the following address:

HL7 India Standards Institute

#429, 1st Floor, 2nd Cross, Krishna Temple Road,

Indiranagar, Bangalore – 560 038

Telephone: +91-80-42086995

NEFT/ Direct Deposit Remit funds to the Institute’s Bank Account

  • A/c Name: HL7 Healthcare Standard Institute
  • A/c No: 093805000930
  • IFSC Code: ICIC0000938
  • Bank Address: ICICI Bank Limited, #483, Main Road, Rajarajeshwari Nagar (Next to IOCL Pump) Bangalore-560098
Credit Card
  • Email your name, contact number, course name and amount payable to treasurer@hl7india.org
  • You will receive a payment URL through SMS. Click on the URL and make payment through Credit Card.